MAPPING OUT CHILEAN TERROIR: LAPOSTOLLE COLLECTION An Exploration in Winemaking Showcasing Chile's Geographic Diversity

Since its inception nearly two decades ago, Lapostolle - from the renowned Marnier-Lapostolle wine and spirits family - has utilized mastery in winemaking and expert techniques passed down through generations to set the benchmark for the production of Chilean wine. Most recently, Lapostolle combined its continued mastery of wine with an exploration of Chile's unique terroir to create its latest introduction: Lapostolle Collection, the playful geographic discoveries of the Syrah and Carmenère varietals. Each collection offers an adventure for inquisitive wine connoisseurs.

A series of very small-batch wines, Lapostolle Collection is entirely hand-crafted and demonstrates the unique diversity of Chile's terroir vis-à-vis geography, both north vs. south with the Collection Syrah, and east vs. west with the Collection Carmenère. Chile is a uniquely shaped country: vertically very long and, comparatively, narrow in width. As a result, the growing conditions vary widely, from cool coastal pacific areas to the Andes foothills, with each landscape reflecting the subtle expressions of the specified terroir.

Lapostolle Collection Carmenère produces three wines - from East to West, three regions were chosen in the Colchagua area -highlighting the grape's subtle and elegant style.

From Andes: Located in the Colchagua Andes foothills, this region produces a distinctive Carmenère. With the Andean influence, the resulting wine is spicy with notes of clover and white pepper, coupled with subtle sweet notes. The wine delivers a medium body with a long fresh finish on the palate.

From Apalta: Apalta, located in between the Andes and the Coastal mountain on foothills of small mountains going from East to West, is without a doubt, Colchagua's most famous area and is the home of award-winning Carmenère wines such as Lapostolle's Clos Apalta. Lapostolle Collection Apalta comes from a single block, Tobogan, with steep granitic soils that beautifully delivers graphite and mocha notes with fresh red fruit.

From Marchigue: Marchigue, a western Colchagua region, is influenced heavily by the Pacific Ocean. As an up-and-coming wine region, this is a new vine growing part of Chile. Lapostolle Collection from Marchigue expresses black pepper and herbs alongside some sweet notes on the palate. Overall the wine is spicy and refreshing.

For Lapostolle Collection Syrah, from North to South the palate of six terroirs each has their own singular style.

From the Elqui Valley: The Elqui Valley is one of the most extreme terroirs in the northern part of Chile. While this region has been known for Pisco production - KAPPA Pisco from Marnier-Lapostolle is produced there - it is one of the newest and most exciting wine growing areas. Lapostolle Collection Elqui Syrah delivers aromas of red cherry and cranberries. The body is light and subtle.

From Casablanca: The South Pacific Ocean strongly influences Chile's long coast and the Coastal Cordillera range creates a unique terroir where growing conditions are challenging but very rewarding. Lapostolle's Casablanca Collection Syrah from this region expresses red cherries and white pepper with fresh acidity alongside a sweet and playful finish.

From San Antonio: Also along the South Pacific Ocean, Lapostolle's Collection Syrah from San Antonio delivers a bolder flavor. The meaty and peppery notes are accompanied by more structure in a rounder palate.

From Alto Maipo: Located at the foothills of the Andes mountain range, the terroir expresses black currant and mint along its distinctive tannins in Lapostolle Collection Syrah from Maipo.

From Alto Cachapoal: Similarly located near the Andes mountain range, Cachapoal delivers prunes and earthy notes coupled with blackberries. The Lapostolle Collection Syrah from this area shows a dense body with subtle sweet notes on the palate.

From San Jose de Apalta: This Lapostolle Collection Syrah comes from San Jose, a region in the slopes of the Apalta vineyard in Colchagua Valley. The eastern exposure produces a wine with elegant style and fresh expression. Rose petals and wild berries are delivered alongside an elegant and charming palate.

Lapostolle Collection represents an adventurous addition to the Lapostolle portfolio, as rarely does a winery take the time and energy to successfully explore single varietals with such extensive care. The resulting wines clearly mark Lapostolle's leadership in winemaking as it remains at the forefront of innovation and continues to underscore the brand's presence as the premium Chilean wine producer.

Lapostolle Collection Syrah and Carmenère will be available online at and at high end wine and spirits retailers in select markets (SRP: $199.99 / set) starting September 2012. Each set will include individually numbered bottles; the Lapostolle Collection Syrah will include one of each of the six terroirs, while the Lapostolle Collection Carmenere set will include two bottles of each of the three terroirs.

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