THE HOUSE OF MARNIER LAPOSTOLLE DEBUTS GM TITANIUM Innovative ultra-premium flavored Cognac offers bold new taste

The House of Marnier Lapostolle is proud to announce the release of GM Titanium: an exotic new blend of wild tropical orange essence and Asian Calamansi citrus with a dash of spices, rounded out by the fine, smooth Cognac for which Grand Marnier is known. Broadening Grand Marnier's portfolio in the spirits category, GM Titanium exemplifies Marnier Lapostolle's commitment to innovation through new products of the highest quality inspired by the company's legacy and created in the tradition of craftsmanship and luxury.

The blend of citrus flavors and spices combined with Cognac makes GM Titanium a truly unique product in the spirits landscape. The bold, new expression contains no sugar, so the flavor is a smooth, contemporary addition to the Marnier Lapostolle family, allowing the distinctive spices to take center stage on the palate. Rich mahogany in color, GM Titanium has a bold, spicy aroma with a hint of orange that creates a lively, perfectly balanced experience.

GM Titanium's bottle shares its shape with the iconic Grand Marnier bottle however transformed through modern, sleek metallic packaging and a prominent silkscreened label that glows in nightclub lighting.

The flavor is complex and impactful, but not overwhelming, making it extremely versatile: enjoyable neat, on the rocks or in cocktails ranging from simple to complex. GM Titanium's signature cocktails include "The Titan" - a refreshing mix of GM Titanium and cranberry juice cocktail - and "The Rebel," which pairs GM Titanium with pineapple juice and a dash of bitters.

"GM Titanium will be one of the first ever ultra-premium flavored Cognacs to be launched in the United States," says Alexandra Marnier Lapostolle. "We believe it will intrigue the consumer who seeks something completely new and different, providing a meaningful, upscale alternative to traditional Cognac offerings."

GM Titanium will be introduced in Washington DC, California, Illinois and Florida, debuting August 2013 (SRP: $39.99 / 750ml).

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