LAPOSTOLLE INTRODUCES CANTO DE APALTA. The newest wine inspired by the diversity of birds that call Lapostolle vineyards home

Lapostolle, the Marnier-Lapostolle family-owned premium winery in Chile, is proud to introduce Canto de Apalta: the first new brand to the family's lauded wine portfolio since its inception with Casa, Cuvée Alexandre and Clos Apalta tiers. Translated from Spanish and literally meaning Song of Apalta, Canto de Apalta is inspired by the diverse array of bird species now thriving amongst the Lapostolle vineyards, including the heralded Apalta estate.

Continuing their tradition of blending that began with Clos Apalta, Lapostolle presents now the inaugural 2010 vintage of Canto de Apalta, comprised of Carmenère - Chile's signature grape - Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. This blend releases a beautiful bouquet of spices and ripe fruit accompanied by hints of light tobacco and chocolate. On the palate, a velvety texture delivers bold red fruit alongside spicy notes that pair well with grilled meats and complex dishes. Canto de Apalta celebrates the relationship between the four varietals used for this vintage but also represents the harmonic song of the extraordinary Lapostolle community of birds.

The land that houses Lapostolle winery flourishes with natural flora and fauna, a result of rigorous sustainable practices implemented at the winery since its inception. "We pride ourselves in creating our wines in a way that is respectful of the vineyard's environment and its natural balance," says Alexandra Marnier Lapostolle. "With these values in mind, we are thrilled that the incredible wildlife at our vineyards continues to flourish and to be able to release a wine inspired by it."

The influence of local birds in particular, however, reaches beyond inspiration for this single wine. In fact, it was the fortuitous encounter of a nest on a wild bush in the slopes of the Apalta vineyard that suggested the nest-like shape of the Clos Apalta winery on the property.

Lapostolle's natural philosophy adheres to minimal intervention through the winemaking process, highlighting the inherent balance of the four grapes used in the blend and their complementary main characteristics: the roundness and spicy expression of the Carmenère, the red fruit and acidity of the Merlot, the complexity and elegant structure of the Cabernet Sauvignon, and the exuberance and attractive aromas of the Syrah.

Canto de Apalta 2010 will be available nationwide beginning in Summer 2012 for the suggested retail price of $19.99.

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